As Naples Leading Storm Restoration Specialists, We Can Maximize the Value of Your Roof Insurance Claim

If your home in the Naples area has been damaged by a hurricane or wind, you have a lot of preparations to make before repairs can begin and little time to do them in. Any delay to the restoration project can allow water to infiltrate your home and cause rot, mold growth, and myriad other issues that are expensive to repair. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with having to not only find a reliable roofing contractor, but also deal with your insurance company. However, when you partner with Pachner Exteriors, there’s no stress necessary because we’ll handle every aspect of the project for you, including the roof insurance claim.

We Negotiate on Your Behalf

The average homeowner will only deal with a handful of insurance claims over the course of their life, and insurance companies count on this lack of experience to reduce the total payout. Naples Roofing & Windows, on the other hand, is a storm restoration specialist that has handled countless claims for homeowners across Florida. We have a carefully honed process that begins with a comprehensive, no-obligation roof inspection from one of our experienced project managers.

Once we’ve assessed the damage to your roof, we’ll make recommendations and determine if a roof insurance claim is required. If a claim is necessary, we’ll take care of the entire process to ensure you receive a fair payout. We even have insurance adjusters on our team to maximize value for our customers. When it comes to replacing your roof, we’ll only charge what the insurance company pays, which means your only cost will be the deductible.

The result of our rigorous process is that homeowners often receive a replacement roof that is a significant upgrade. We install only top-of-the-line products that are designed to withstand the elements in our region. We even offer roofing systems with Class 4 impact resistance, which is the best available.

Don’t handle your roof insurance claim alone. Turn to the professionals at Naples Roofing and Windows – Florida’s most trusted storm restoration company – to maximize your payout and the value you receive for a new roof.